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Suzuki Ertiga


January - Rp50
February - Rp50
March - Rp55
April - Rp55
May - Rp55
June - Rp55
July - Rp60
August - Rp60
September - Rp60
October - Rp60
November - Rp75
December - Rp75

Basic Service :

Your basic rental includes the services below which you can customize to meet your needs for an extra fee!

 Passanger : 5 Persons
 Driver : Included
 Max Suitcase : 2 Units

Usage info :

  1. Use within Bali area for up to 12 Hours or up to 23:59 on each rental day
  2. Excludes expenses for fuel , parking, toll fees, and driver’s meals and accomodation.

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